5 Fun Rainy Day Activities For Kids


Even when the weather outside is frightful these indoor activities will inspire creativity and fill a Spring afternoon with fun and laughter.

Backyard Campout


1. Indoor Camp Out 

Take the “blanket tent” to the next level with a full indoor campsite complete with a real tent, mock fire, and s’mores.



Monster Feet - bigger

2. Monster Feet

Put your best foot forward with some cardboard, a Sharpie and a pair of scissors.



Frugal Fashion smaller

3. Frugal Fashion

Gather newspaper, masking tape and scissors and challenge the children to create newspaper outfits.



Puppet Theatre smaller

4. Puppet Theatre & Show

Let creativity shine with a homemade theatre & do-it-yourself sock, paper bag or popsicle stick puppet.



Soap Clouds

5. Soap Clouds

Put a bar of soap in the microwave and voila– very cool, science fun.