24' Double

24' Double36'x18'x24'

Raises the bar (24') on sliding excitment.

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Fire Truck

Fire Truck30'x13'x19'

Climb the rescue ladder & slide to safety.

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22' Double

22' Double30'x18'x22'

At 22' feet it's a definate crowd pleaser.

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20' Wavy

20' Wavy26'x18'x20'

A unique way to bump up the fun.

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18' Single

18' Single24'x13'x18'

A standout ride with eye-catching color.

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Cross over to a extreme sliding.

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18' Double

18' Double24'x18'x18'

The perfect ride for competative slide racing.

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15' Slide

15' Slide20'x11'x15'

15' high double-lane made to entertain.

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