Birthday Party Profits


Whether it was back in the old days or nowadays, a Birthday Party for the school aged child is the social event of the year.

Pin the TailWhen I was a kid a Birthday Party was basic. We showed up at a friend’s house, played pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, ate cake and went home… and we loved it.

Crazy CakeBoy, what we didn’t know then. These days there’s a myriad of Birthday Party focussed businesses. Offering everything from A to Z; clowns, magicians, crazy cakes and even travelling petting zoos. It’s true, I Googled it.


However, many parents can’t find enough time in the day or the budget to plan a really great kid’s Birthday Party. No wonder Family Entertainment Centers (FEC), Children’s Entertainment Centers (CEC) and Indoor Playground businesses offering Birthday Party packages are so popular. It’s a winning formula of convenience, cost effectiveness and most important– tons of fun for the birthday child and the whole gang.

Birthday bash venues have tapped into an outstanding revenue source with simple turn-key party solutions. By offering custom invitations, a host to handle the details, refreshments, no clean up and lots of active play, party centered businesses are growing profits by making it easier than ever for families to celebrate.

B-Party KidsIt’s a sure-fire recipe for success when all Mom and Dad have to do is bring a kid and a cake and leave with a smile.

Sneak a View


If you’ve ever wondered what the inside of a business looks like before even visiting it, then your potential customers probably have too. Now you can offer them a sneak peek with Google Business View– a fun tool that works great for Indoor Fun Centers. We just love the interactive way you can invite potential customers to see all the excitement inside of your Play Center or Indoor Playground, anytime day or night.

The Treehouse - Atomic Playgrounds 3 compressed

Google Business View allows visitors to virtually walk inside your business and enjoy a 360 degree tour of all your Family Entertainment offerings. It engages your customer by giving them an opportunity to interact with your business. As they enter your virtual door they can see your space as you meant it to be seen, inspiring anticipation to visit in person. Potential customers can explore your Atomic Indoor Playground, Toddler Area, Interactive Game Floor, or other great play events first hand. All the creativity put into designing your space, including Branding and Theming, can be appreciated far greater than through just photographs.

Pretty cool tool to help promote your business and engage more customers… and like Atomic, it’s another way to “Make Fun Funner!”

A Gym With a Jungle Gym at the Renert School

Take a 4 level playground that wouldn’t be out of place in a large amusement centre, drop it smack-dab into the gym at a private school, and what do you get? A whole lot of fun and a bunch of students who can’t wait to get to school every morning. It’s just one part of the innovative learning experience at The Renert School in Calgary, Alberta.

The Renert School is dedicated to identifying and nurturing student’s interests and passions.

Atomic Playgrounds is also very dedicated– to finding the best way to have the most fun for the longest time.

Atomic Helps Toyota Keeps The Kids Busy

While Mom & Dad are kicking tires their kids are burning off  steam in the new Toddler Zone at Country Hills Toyota Scion (Calgary)– Canada’s 2nd largest Toyota dealership.

By all accounts the playground is a huge hit with the kids, their parents and especially the sales staff. Best of all, the little ones are already asleep by the time their parents drive away in their brand new Toyota.


Bringing the Outdoors Indoors at The Treehouse

What do you do when you need to fill 10,000 square feet of indoor space with outdoor inspired fun? You call the play experts at Atomic Playgrounds of course.

That’s what the Treehouse Indoor Playground and Cafe did and ended up with wall-to-wall, treehouse and backyard bugs themed excitement. With a large Playground, Ball Blaster Zone, Interactive Game Floor, Game Zone, Toddler Zone and a custom Treeball event, there’s something for everyone at The Treehouse.