9 Genuine Benefits of Coloring

For generations kids have loved coloring. Books, drawings and even the occasional bedroom wall.

Parents have always considered it a creative way to occupy a child’s time. But there are real benefits beyond simple enjoyment for children and a little peace and quiet for parents..

  1. Coloring helps develop muscles and dexterity in a child’s hands, fingers and wrists and helps them practice holding a writing tool.
  1. Coloring helps develop hand-eye coordination as the child learns to color “between-the-lines”.
  1. Coloring helps develop scrayonskills such as patience and attention to detail.
  1. Coloring helps build confidence. A child gets a real sense of accomplishment with a completed page.
  1. Coloring can be calming and/or relaxing to a child because there’s no strict “set-of-rules” to follow.
  1. Coloring helps develop of a child’s creativity. Drawings and shapes can be colored however the child chooses.
  1. Coloring helps a child recognize color, hue, line, perspective, shape and form. It also helps a child to see and recognize patterns– a pre-reading and pre-math skill.
  1. Coloring leads to advanced planning as a child learns to pre-choose colors, combinations and order.
  1. Coloring can be a social event. It’s an excellent way for kids to interact with a common goal. It’s also a fantastic opportunity for parents to spend time chatting with their child in a fun but peaceful atmosphere.

So go ahead and embrace the crayon… and color with your kids.