Xtreme Rush

Xtreme Rush40'x26'x13.5'

The name says it all– Extreme!

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Sports Course

Sports Course60'x11'x20'

Countless sports themed obstacles & popups.

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35 Obstacle

35 Obstacle35'x11'x8'

A true test of speed and agility.

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Obstacle Isle

Obstacle Isle20'x20'x14'

Clomb the towering wall & take the slide down.

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Combo Course

Combo Course25'x17'x16'

Riders will get excited over the height alone.

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Obstacle 360

Obstacle 36024'x16'x11'

Jam packed with obstacles for ultimate fun.

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65 Obstacle

65 Obstacle65'x11'x16'

The longest amount of obstacle fun around.

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Wacky & Wild

Wacky & Wild45'x11'x11'

All around crazy action.

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