Birthday Party Profits


Whether it was back in the old days or nowadays, a Birthday Party for the school aged child is the social event of the year.

Pin the TailWhen I was a kid a Birthday Party was basic. We showed up at a friend’s house, played pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey, ate cake and went home… and we loved it.

Crazy CakeBoy, what we didn’t know then. These days there’s a myriad of Birthday Party focussed businesses. Offering everything from A to Z; clowns, magicians, crazy cakes and even travelling petting zoos. It’s true, I Googled it.


However, many parents can’t find enough time in the day or the budget to plan a really great kid’s Birthday Party. No wonder Family Entertainment Centers (FEC), Children’s Entertainment Centers (CEC) and Indoor Playground businesses offering Birthday Party packages are so popular. It’s a winning formula of convenience, cost effectiveness and most important– tons of fun for the birthday child and the whole gang.

Birthday bash venues have tapped into an outstanding revenue source with simple turn-key party solutions. By offering custom invitations, a host to handle the details, refreshments, no clean up and lots of active play, party centered businesses are growing profits by making it easier than ever for families to celebrate.

B-Party KidsIt’s a sure-fire recipe for success when all Mom and Dad have to do is bring a kid and a cake and leave with a smile.